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The Compound Effect: The Little Things Matter

The idea behind the Compound Effect is that small, consistent actions over a long period have more beneficial payoffs than intense but short actions. Our CEO, Julie Wilson, spoke on the importance of the Compound Effect at Employee Development Day. She stated that if we as a staff were to incorporate small, consistent actions daily, we would reach our ultimate goals.

One Small Act Can Make A Big Impact:

· Small acts repeated over time create habits

· Habits then become a part of a routine

· A routine steers life to either failure or success

It’s Not About The End Goal:

· The end goal is to win the game

· The game is won through repetitive training

· The training is based on a well thought out system

Don’t Focus On The Goal: Focus On The System Instead

· Do not expect instant gratification

How To Reach The End Goal:

· Take the time to train

· Value time

· Value health

· Be positive

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