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FDA Approved

Wireless Pain Relief Stimulation Device


At Invictus Healthcare System we use cutting-edge technology called Stimwave. This system utilizes a nerve stimulation device that can be controlled wirelessly by the patient. With this short minimally invasive procedure, a patient can dramatically lessen or completely eliminate the need for pain control drugs such as opioids. Invictus Healthcare System’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Gregory L. Wilson, and our foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Andronica S. Handie, are specifically trained for the implantation of the device and are seeing great results with the patients who have begun using Stimwave technology.

Our neuro stimulator treatment options are fighting against the opioid epidemic in our country. The United States, which has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, is dealing with one of the worst drug crises ever documented. Invictus Healthcare System is fighting against this epidemic by providing cutting-edge technology to eliminate pain, instead of prescribing opioids.


Severe pain debilitates and limits people from having a normal life. Our providers are passionate about taking care of the patient’s needs in the most beneficial way possible, which is why they are ahead of the curve on the newest, most innovative way to treat pain.

For more information, please visit the official website of Stimwave:

A news story was released on Dr. Gregory L. Wilson and the wireless relief of Stimwave. This story can be found at:



Dr. Gregory L. Wilson


Dr. Andronica S. Handie

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