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Please complete and submit the following form and someone
from our Accounting department will contact you . Thank you!

Payment Plan Request Form


Thanks for your request, our Accounting department will get back with you soon.

Why does Invictus offer payment plans?

Invictus is concerned about the health of our patients. Deductibles and copays can quickly become overwhelming and knowing you can get the care you need immediately is what we are concerned about.

Payment plan Fees?

Invictus payment plans are not a line of credit nor does Invictus charge any interest or fees for these payment plans.  These payment plans are solely for your convenience.

What happens next?

After completing this form, your request is sent to our accounts payable team that will review your account and work with you to get your payment plan configured and get your payment information.

How much do I have to pay?   

After you send your request a representative from our billing department will look at your account and help you create a customized payment plan to fit your budget. 

Please allow us 2 to 3 business days to evaluate your account, to help you with the best plan.

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