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Chris Delozier, PA-C 
Certified Physician's Associate
Spine Team | Occupational Medicine

Chris DeLozier is a Physician’s Associate with extensive experience in neurosurgical consultations as well as emergency medicine, trauma, occupational medicine and many other forms of medical care.  In addition to his outstanding capability as a certified PA, DeLozier also completed training as both a Certified EMT and Paramedic.  His well rounded medical training, combined with personalized spine consultation training from Dr. Wilson, makes him an excellent addition to the Invictus Spine Team. 

DeLozier is a Tulsa native who obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Pre-Medicine from Oral Roberts University, which was followed by a Masters of Health Sciences in Physician Associate Studies from the University of Oklahoma.  That training, along with the requirements he completed to become a Certified EMT and Paramedic resulted in DeLozier gaining a significant amount of experience in family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, trauma, emergency medicine and women’s health.  He received his national certification as a physician’s associate by the NCCPA and subsequent medical licensure from the State of Oklahoma.

DeLozier’s attention to detail is evident in his high quality performance of initial spine consultations for the Invictus Spine Team.  His efficiency and accuracy results in referral for either further testing or proper treatment ranging from manipulative therapy to minimally invasive surgery. In addition, DeLozier oversees the Electrical Cell Signaling therapy at Invictus from which patients with pain associated with neuropathy are experiencing excellent results. DeLozier’s thorough and compassionate care is truly a benefit to our patients.

Chris offers exceptional care in Tulsa for the following services:

  • Spine Consultations

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Occupational Medicine


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