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Revolutionary Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Approximately 10% of adults over the age of 30 suffer from peripheral neuropathy. That is more than 20 million people in the United States alone. This is a type of chronic inflammatory condition that causes a continuation of pain and lessens the quality of life for patients suffering from it. There is no cure for peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs due to damaged nerves that send pain signals from the peripheral sensory receptors to the brain, which in turn causes pain. This damage produces severe pain, numbness, a burning sensation, tingling, loss of coordination, cramping, inability to feel, muscle weakness and many more symptoms. The most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, but other medical factors and conditions can cause nerve damage, such as chemotherapy, injury to nerves through repetitive motions, vitamin deficiencies/imbalances, autoimmune disorders, infections and exposure to heavy metals and certain chemicals.

At Invictus Healthcare System, we are able to treat chronic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy through our state-of-the-art Sanexas electrotherapy. This FDA cleared treatment utilizes therapeutic energy waves to stimulate the body on a cellular level to optimize energy levels between your cells, which will heal injured tissues and relieve pain. It is a safe, pain-free and drug-free treatment.

Treatments for peripheral neuropathy are limited to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and steroids. The long-term side effects of said treatments can be detrimental to a patient’s overall health. Prolonged use of NSAIDs increases the risk of peptic ulcer disease, acute renal failure and stroke/myocardial infarction. It can also aggravate other chronic diseases such as heart failure and hypertension.

The average treatment is 20 minutes long and is performed non-invasively. The use of electronic signaling treatments has an anti-inflammatory effect that repairs and heals injured tissue. Most patients begin to see positive results after their 6th treatment, with some patients seeing results even sooner. Our providers recommend that patients have multiple treatments in order to achieve optimal results for their peripheral neuropathy and other chronic pain.

Don’t live with chronic pain; get relief from chronic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy by scheduling an appointment with Invictus Healthcare System today!

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