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Oklahoma Self Insurers Association (OSIA) Conference

Last week our Workers’ Compensation Coordinator and our Marketing Coordinator attended the Oklahoma Self Insurers Association (OSIA). The OSIA 2021 conference was roaring twenties themed, and our table screamed Great Gatsby!

What is OSIA?

  • OSIA serves as an advocate for self-insured entities and their providers at the state level on issues affecting workers’ compensation

  • OSIA serves as an education forum for self-insured employers

  • OSIA serves as an information service for self-insurers who conduct business in Oklahoma

Invictus Healthcare system is a multi-specialty clinic with a variety of practitioners who are committed to providing each patient with exceptional care. Our worker’s compensation services include neurosurgery, spine care, foot and ankle surgery, chiropractic care, therapeutic exercise, occupational medicine, treatment for federal employees, minimally invasive surgery, concussion treatment, MRI, arthrogram, digital x-ray, bracing, and casting.

By using Invictus Healthcare for your worker’s compensation needs, employees can return to work sooner with timely appointments, efficient medical treatment, and prompt communication. Our philosophy is to restore people to functional health that allows them to get back to work.

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