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Invictus Worker's Compensation

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When you get injured on the job, Invictus is here for you. Our providers truly care about understanding the full scope of a patient’s needs and job requirements.

Our practitioners love to go on plant tours to see in person the work environment and demands of our patient’s jobs. With this information, our providers with knowledge to develop customized treatment plans for each individual.

Our team consists of a neurosurgeon, foot and ankle surgeon, chiropractor, physician assistant, exercise therapist and medical staff members that work together in a holistic manner to get patients quickly functioning at the highest level. We do not offer chronic narcotic pain management. Our philosophy is to restore people back to functional health that allows them to get back to work, while emphasizing what they CAN do as opposed to what they CANNOT do.

Are you an employer interested in working with us? Contact Traci Lawley at

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