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Employee Development Day 2021

On April 23rd Invictus Healthcare System hosted our first annual Employee Development Day. This day happened to be inspired by a Leadership Conference the management team attended back in 2020. Every week for the last year the leadership team gathered together and individually prepared a presentation on a topic given by the CEO. Topics such as Professionalism, Efficiency, Growth, Enthusiasm, Customer Service, and many more. At the end of 2020, each leader got to pick a topic that they felt should be presented to the entire staff.

Last Friday, we saw all preparation come to fruition… Employee Development Day was a SUCCESS.

The employees and providers attended this professional day of learning, fun, growth, and surprises. The staff had a blast listening to our speakers, receiving new Invictus merchandise, and building on existing/new relationships with one another. Collectively as a whole, we feel refreshed, inspired, motivated, and encouraged.

Invictus starts with “I” and ends with “Us.”

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