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Employee Christmas Party 2019

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

At Christmas time each year, the Invictus family comes together to spend time with each other and reflect on the amazing year that we had. We had a blast playing games, eating and laughing together at the Angry Axe!

As you may know, the doctors receive awards each year that highlights the good or bad things that they are known for. Yes, Dr. Wilson, we are talking about your lack of timely dictations and being an average man. Dr. Stubbs has the most awkward patient encounters, Chris DeLozier is always there in the case of an emergency and Dr. Handie is, well, "so extra."

For the 2019 Christmas party, we wanted to include the employees in on the fun by giving each employee a superlative. A superlative is something that describes an individual for being "most likely to..." insert phrase. Be sure to check out a few of the employee superlatives to learn a bit more about our amazing staff!

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