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Cultivating Your Own Leadership

You may not have any desire to be a leader. You may not think you have the smarts, the training, or the courage to be a leader. However, we are all leaders. We lead in our homes. We lead on sports teams. We lead in our small groups or friend groups. You lead by example. You lead with your words. We can all develop leadership skills. Here are a few keys to cultivating your own leadership.


o Find your passion. Even in the company you are in, you can see where you want to be, the job you want to have someday. Reach for it, train for it, ask how you can get it.

Impact Players

o Take the time to see the big picture. Rather than seeing the agenda, see what your boss wants and make that important to you. What is this week’s goal?

Duty Bound

o Are you doing your job well or are you doing the job that requires being done?

o The biggest enemy of breakthrough is called “good enough.”


o Being a leader doesn’t mean being above others but collaborating and working together to make everyone’s job effective and efficient.

Make a Difference

o Leadership isn’t meant to come up with the big ideas, but to make opportunities to be creative.

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