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All You Need to know about MRIs

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

What is an MRI?

A crucial element of how we diagnose and develop treatment plans for our patients at Invictus Healthcare System is our MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine. This is a medical imaging device used in radiology to form pictures of the anatomy of the human body. By using strong magnetic field gradients and radio frequencies, we are able to generate images of internal body structures to find the root cause of our patient’s issues. Many are unaware of the crucial role contrast can play in an MRI. MRIs are unique to other imaging methods, such as CT scans and X-Rays, because they have the ability to utilize GBCAs, gadolinium-based contrast agents. Although CT Scans utilize contrast, GBCAs are unique to MRIs. This type of dye is used to enhance MRI images for a specific part of the body in special circumstances.

Why do I need an MRI with contrast?

Not every MRI requires the use of a contrast agent. MRIs with and without contrast are both effective, however, our providers will determine which scans are needed based on the present condition and the past medical history of the patient. A contrast agent will be ordered if the diagnosis requires a highly detailed image to assess the specific problem area. While contrast MRIs provide an enhanced image, they aren’t deemed necessary in every case. For example, work-related injuries, sports injuries, and pain related to back issues don’t usually call for contrast scans in most scenarios. Contrast MRIs are typically used to view inflammation, tumors, blood vessels, blood supply, specific organs and other issues.

Do you offer MRIs at Invictus Healthcare System?

Invictus Healthcare System providers and staff are committed to the delivery of innovative healthcare solutions for our patients. Our 1.5 Tesla coil MRI machine offers the latest technology with high-quality reads. This is important to note because not all MRIs produce the same quality images due to the difference in the magnetic field strength. To get an MRI scheduled, call our front desk to book an appointment at (918) 994-4000.

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