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1 in 5 Diabetic Patients Hospitalized for Foot Complications

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Diabetics are highly prone to foot problems which often require hospitalization. In fact, the American Diabetes Association estimates that 1 in 5 diabetic patients who require hospitalization do so because of foot problems. The reason is that diabetes can damage nerves and reduce blood flow to the extremities resulting in neuropathy, or the loss of feeling. Because there is no sense of pain, something as simple as a minor cut or ingrown toenail results in significant medical problems some of which lead to amputation of toes or even the foot.

This problem is especially prevalent in Tulsa and surrounding areas because of a significant lack of facilities that perform routine diabetic foot care. That care ensures that a diabetic’s toenails are maintained and their feet are reviewed for any cuts or infection in areas not easily visible to the patient. Typically, Tulsa area patients who have a podiatrist often have to go elsewhere to find medically qualified technicians to provide the toenail clipping services that are needed to prevent ingrown toenails and possible infection. That is because most podiatrists don’t offer the service so some patients make the mistake of going to area nail salons that are not medically trained or qualified to properly perform routine diabetic foot care. They are unaware treating nail fungus lightly or that one little clip or slice of the skin could lead to serious complications and possible amputation. But Invictus has come up with a solution.

Invictus Healthcare System is pleased to announce that they are now offering routine diabetic foot care to the public. Our nationally recognized podiatrist, Dr. Andronica Handie, supervises his medical assistant that performs the routine foot care here in out office. In addition, Andronica Handie, DPM, MS will continue to offer all forms of medical care for diabetic patients’ feet. It will truly make a difference in diabetic foot care in Tulsa.

Diabetics needing routine foot care or podiatric care of any kind can make an appointment at Invictus Healthcare System by calling 918-994-4000. Invictus is located at 9709 East 79th Street which is just east of Mingo on 79th.

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