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Positivity in the Workplace

Benefits to Being Positive:

  • Positivity increases your lifespan

  • Positivity increases your immune system

  • Positive people are less likely to adopt addictive behaviors

  • Positive people are perceived to be more trustworthy

Positive Attitudes and Actions in the Workplace:

  • Boost productivity by a rate up to 80%

  • Lower absenteeism by 37%

  • Increase accuracy by a rate up to 40%

  • Improve decision making

  • Incite creativity and creative problem solving

  • Are contagious

How to Remain Positive at Work:

  • Time management is the number 1 contributor to you believing your workplace is either positive or negative - value your time

  • Speaking the right things creates positivity in the workplace. Express appreciation, compliment co-workers, avoid gossip, and speak well of the company as a whole

  • Celebrate wins - either big or small

  • Engage in corporate activities

  • Develop personal relationships with co-workers

  • Make a deliberate choice to smile

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