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Issues Managing Your Pain? We've Got Your Back

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

On record, an estimated 28.4% (70 million) of U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain. Here at Invictus Healthcare System, we care for you and want to reduce the discomfort you are facing. We understand that when you’re in pain it impacts the entirety of your life. Our top-notch pain management team is determined to get you back to living and enjoying the life you once had.

Invictus Healthcare pain management process tailors solutions for each patient’s needs. This process has been designed to relieve your pain through non-invasive treatments. Ultimately the number one goal at Invictus is to avoid any incisions that could be made to the body. The most standard procedures cover electrical stimulation and injections.

The electrical stimulation procedure can relieve back and S.I. joint pain by stimulating the nerve. With the use of the Stimwave, the electrical leads that cause stimulation can be implanted into the body and have a wireless battery. This generates a more convenient avenue for the patient because of the efficiency of the battery. The battery can be removed at any time and does not have to be surgically implanted.

Injections are one of the most effective treatments for pain. Targeted injections of steroids and anesthetics serve to decrease chronic pain while improving the functional status of daily life. These conservative and non-invasive treatments are essential to pain management. To name a few: Cervical Epidural, Thoracic Epidural, Lumbar Epidural, Lumbar Facet, Joint, Intercostal, Trigger Point, and Piriformis Injections are some of the top pain management options offered at Invictus.

The Invictus Pain Management team will give in-house diagnostics and develop a treatment plan based on their joint knowledge and ability. They work together to explore and diagnose the underlying issue that will result in relieving your pain. We would love to treat your pain, contact us today at (918) 994-4000.

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