Interventional Procedures

Are you dreaming of living a pain-free life?

We have the solutions!

Invictus' Interventional Procedures Team, led by Jamie Harris, MSN, CRNA, NSPM, is Tulsa's premier medical team to relieve acute pain.

Our goal is to promote recovery and eliminate pain through a multi-disciplinary team approach without the use of prescription pain medications/opioids. A series of injections or procedures may be performed depending on the patient's underlying issues that are causing the suffering and discomfort.

A few of the interventional procedures that we perform in-house are epidural steroid injections, lumbar facet blocks, radiofrequency ablations, platelet-rich plasma and much more!

Epidural Steroid Injections

Epidural steroid injections control pain by reducing inflammation in the irritated area. This may help improve mobility and function of the lower back and legs.

Lumbar Facet Blocks

Lumbar facet blocks are a spinal injection to temporarily block pain signals coming from the medial nerves.

Radiofrequency Ablations (RFA)

Radiofrequency ablations (RFA) use heat to destroy painful nerve endings. During the procedure, a needle is placed precisely on the patient's painful nerve. Once started, radio waves are sent through the needle to heat the nerve endings, thus eliminating the ability of the brain to process pain in that area. This is considered a long-term pain solution for patients that haven't had success with other relief methods for the neck, lower back or arthritic joints.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a regenerative medicine therapy that harnesses the body's natural ability to restore and amplify the innate healing process. To prepare for the PRP injections, a member of our team will draw the patient's blood and place it into a machine that will separate the platelets from the plasma. Once the process is completed, our interventional specialists will inject the patient's own platelet-rich plasma into the injured or diseased area. Patients will begin to see results in as little as 2-6 weeks depending on their condition. Side effects of PRP injections are limited due to the injections coming from the patient's own blood.

At Invictus, we have everything in one convenient location, which cuts down on the time between diagnosis and treatment for your pain. We take a conservative and holistic approach to treating the whole patient, not just their symptoms.

If you are unsure what your next step is to find pain relief, you can book a consultation with any of our amazing medical providers to receive an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment plan.

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