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Injury After a Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can happen in an instant and everything may initially seem surreal. Unfortunately, the injuries resulting from car accidents can make surreal moments become a major part of reality.

Every year, it’s approximately 5.25 million accidents occur across the nation. Back pain from a car accident can be caused by the amount of force placed upon the spine following a large impact. Since a driver’s sear has limited space, the force is confined to a smaller area, abruptly stopping the momentum. The brisk power of the force puts pressure on the back and neck. Back pain after a car accident can be instantaneous but delayed back pain after an injury can occur. Pain can last anywhere from a week to a lifetime.

Whether you’re in a minor accident or severe crash, Invictus Healthcare System’s comprehensive motor vehicle accident program ensures that you will receive the best care. We have experienced, specialized medical providers that offer chiropractic manipulation, interventional procedures, and surgery of the spine, brain, foot, and ankle. We specialize in medical diagnostics (MRI, Arthrogram, and X-ray), injury assessment, rehabilitation, bracing, casting, splinting, at-home exercise therapy. Invictus is committed to diagnosing, assessing, and treating injuries that result from auto accidents.

Common injuries and conditions that occur from a vehicular collision include, but are not limited to whiplash, concussion, back and neck pain, fractured bones, herniated discs, chest injuries, dislocations of joints, and brain injuries.

Don't live life in pain! Call Invictus Healthcare System today for your motor vehicle accident consult. Our number is (918) 994-4000 or you can visit us at!

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