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Boost Your Immune System

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Prevention is the first line of defense to keep your body healthy. Vitamin C has proven to have strong anti-viral properties, which destroy free radicals in our body that cause us to become sick. However, you may not receive as much Vitamin C as you think.

Do you know that your body only absorbs 25-35% of the supplements that you take orally? Your GI tract cannot fully absorb the nutrients from supplements that you take. So you may think your body is receiving the full benefits of Vitamin C, but it isn't.

To offset that, Invictus Healthcare is offering Injectable Vitamin C Therapy, which will give you a 100% absorption rate. That means your immune system will be strengthened to help you fight off sickness. Our injection treatments are used to assist in building up your immune system by reducing the free radicals in your body. This lowers the chances of getting sick in a natural way.

The biggest benefit of using injectable therapy over oral supplements is that absorption rate which in turn builds a powerhouse immune system. However, we recommend that you still take oral supplements while also using our injectable therapy. It is vital to maximize your body's natural immunity to prevent and minimize future symptoms of a viral infection. Steps toward prevention are far better than having to treat an illness.

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